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Consulting Services


Organizational IT Consulting

One of the toughest challenges modern organizations face as they grow and develop is maximizing available IT resources while minimizing the costs. For over twenty years the professionals at Netmender have been helping fit the tools of technology to the goals and budgets of clients from all walks of life. We’ve helped everybody from a single employee working remotely from home to quasi-government institutions with many dozens of locations.? Our involvement has ranged from strategic planning, budgeting and staffing to ad hoc re-engineering of single users stations.

Our methodology is simple — our knowledgeable and experienced staff of technology consultants will:

  • Analyze your objectives and your environment
  • Help you build a comprehensive budget, if you don’t already have one
  • Evaluate all of the available and future technology solutions
  • Determine the best mix of infrastructure, equipment, software and services to meet your present and future needs
  • Present you with a clearly detailed solution or set of alternative solutions
  • Implement any part of the solution in conjunction with your available time and resources

Some of Our Consulting Specialties

While we work with the full range of IT products and services available, there are some specific areas of client needs that we have a higher degree of expertise in. Some of these are:

  • Network infrastructure – cabling, switches, routers, premise equipment
  • System and server upgrades and migrations
  • Connecting multiple sites (WANs) to share critical resources securely
  • Connecting remote offices securely for both voice and data
  • Virtualization of system resources for:
    • Consolidation of equipment resources
    • Vastly enhanced disaster recovery
    • Simplification of administration
    • Dramatic reduction of server and system replacement time
    • Assisting clients with human resource issues (see our HR page)
    • Analyzing and profiling the state of existing IT resources
    • Budget planning and development

We don’t do the work of an Internet Service Provider (yet!), but we can take care of everything else in your IT environment…. And we will do as little or as much as you want us to do.