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Software Products

If it can be run on any type of computing device and it is off-the-shelf software, chances are pretty good that Netmender sells it.  Some examples of products in this category are as follows:

Desktop Operating Systems including:

  • Windows (various classes, versions and types)
  • Linux (various brands and versions)

Network/Server Operating Systems including:

  • Windows Server (various classes, versions and types)
  • VMWare (various bundles, classes and types)
  •  Linux (various brands and versions)

Utility software, including:

  •  Protection Suites
    • Anti-malware
    • Security
  • Backup software
  • Network management
  • Resource monitoring                                         

Application software, including:

  • Business suites
  • Productivity software
  • Accounting software
  • Project management
  • Web development
  • Graphics
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Database
    • SQL
    • CRM
  • Messaging and communications

And many, many more.  We also have the skilled sales staff to help clients navigate the maze of versions, license types, classes and upgrades.  We can also help keep track of license renewals so you don’t ever run the risk of losing critical resources due to unannounced expirations.