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Every technician, system engineer, technical manager and project manager at Netmender holds current active Microsoft certifications.  Other technical certifications include VMWare, HP, Cisco, CompTIA and Intel.  In addition, several senior technical staffers are college graduates at varying levels, and several more junior personnel are in the process of obtaining degrees. We are the only shop in town that has not one, but two holders of a Master’s Degree from the University of Transylvania (the one in Europe – not Kentucky).  One of these also holds a Bachelor’s degree at a local four-year university. 

Product-specific Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing staff also have to pass strenuous exams in order for Netmender to qualify to maintain its current product authorization status.  These include – but are not limited to – certifications for Microsoft, VMWare, Intel, HP (networking, systems, storage), Cisco, Symantec and EMC products and services.


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